IPC-6012 Training and Certification Program


The qualification and performance requirements for the fabrication of rigid printed boards is defined in the IPC-6012 standards.

Hundreds of companies from across the globe contact IPC requesting that this important standard be supported with formal training programs that provides individuals with training materials and recognizes them as a qualified instructor. IPC has released a comprehensive training program complete with certification that is based on IPC-6012D. The program was developed and approved by industry and gives companies the required tools to increase both the performance and skills of employees.

An additional, optional CIS module has also been developed to train specialists on differences in the requirements between the base, IPC-6012 document and the changed criteria used when a contract requires the IPC-6012 Space Addendum.

The CIT material includes the IPC-6012 Space criteria. Candidates that complete the IPC-6012 Certification course successfully will be also certified to present the IPC-6012D Space CIS course.

The train-the-trainer model is used for the IPC 6012D Training and Certification Program. When a company wants have an IPC Licensed IPC 6012D Certified IPC Trainer in-house, they send their applicant to a Certification Center that is licensed by IPC. Both classroom instruction and exercises are used in the training while the standard criteria are taught.

The IPC 6012 Training and Certification Program will equip individuals with valuable credentials that is portable and acknowledges their understanding of the 6012. As the program is offered to industry as a service, adopting it is not required before a company buys the standard, or claims that their products meet the requirements.

Any company interested in quality assurance initiatives can use this IPC-sponsored program to assist with their pledge to continuous improvement, both for products and operations. Being recognized by IPC conveys a powerful message to customers that the company is committed to implementing IPC-6012.

Once certified, candidates receive the following materials to teach the Operator Proficiency training course:

  • Copies of IPC-A-600 and IPC-6012.
  • A CD-ROM with color visuals covering all aspects of the standard and training course
  • Reports and forms needed to conduct Application Specialist training.
  • Student textbook files that may be printed.
  • Instructor’s guide detailing how to conduct the Application Specialist training
  • Examinations for the Certified IPC Specialist Training Modules

Only Certified IPC Trainers and their companies may buy materials for Application Specialist training from IPC. Certified Trainers may present the course anywhere they want and are allowed to charge a fee for the training.

The Certified IPC Trainer certificate is valid for 2 years. Training for re-certification is available at IPC Licensed Certification Centers.

Any professional responsible for reliability and quality of soldered electronic assemblies will find benefit from attending the program, including training managers, quality assurance supervisors, and assembly process engineers.

Although there are no official entrance requirements, it is recommended that IPC-6012 and IPC-A-600 are used in parallel.

Topics Covered in the Training:

  • IPC-6012 Application and Scope
  • Visual Requirements
  • Material Requirements
  • Structural Integrity Requirements
  • Conductor Requirements
  • Dimensional Requirements
  • Solder Masks, Electrical and Cleanliness
  • Special Requirements
  • Quality Assurance Provisions

To get training and certification, contact a local training center. The training centers with the most complete IPC classroom training programs are listed below on a per continent base.

Africa: SQC-Pretoriahttp://solvedirectelectronics.co.za/
Asia: IPC Chinahttp://www.ipc.org.cn/
Europe: PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.)https://piek.international/
North America: EPTAC Corporationhttps://www.eptac.com/
South America: Blackfox Training Institute-Guadalajarahttp://www.blackfox.com/
Australia/Oceania: Australia SMCBA Training Centrehttps://www.smcba.asn.au/

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