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The curse of ipc-a-610 and ipc-j-std-001


IPC-A-610 and IPC-J-STD-001 have trolled industries for years as they apparently increase efficiency but actually, they drive up the costs giving less reliability to products. American companies are therefore hiring offshore labor where reworks and touchups increase the labor cost. Electronics production may stop in USA if the standard is not improved. Over time, the reliability of companies...

Working in alignment with IPC


Understanding the concept and requirements of working in alignment with IPC For an adequate insight on how to work in alignment with ipc, it is imperative that you are aware of the number of IPC documents available. While the majority of people are conversant with a maximum of four IPC official papers, there are a handful of individuals that may be conversant with a little more. You will be...

IPC-A-600 Or IPC-6012: What Standard Should Be Used?


IPC (Institute of Printed Circuit), which is also known as “The Association Connecting Electronic Industries” is an international trade association serving the electronics assembly industries and the printed circuit board. IPC is known worldwide for its standards that verify the quality of manufactured PCB assemblies and printed circuit boards. Manufacturers must meet many...